Small Home Improvements, Big Results

If you’re selling your home, you can make small improvements to increase your home’s appeal. Your home’s front entrance is crucial to first impressions. Add a new steel door or paint your existing door with a trendy new color. Round out the look with a new welcome mat, new house numbers, a freshly painted mailbox, and

How to: Prep your home for Sale; 4 Easy Steps

Help sellers understand how cutting down on furniture and accessories in their home will both help them simplify their lives and get the best listing price in the shortest time period.   Decluttered, depersonalized, and organized rooms demonstrate dimensions, architectural details, natural light, and views to buyers. Problem is, many sellers don’t see their homes through

February Real Estate News w/Tracy Santrock

Whether you own a home or looking to buy or sell one, here are the latest Good To Know articles for when you’re ready to take the next step in finding your Forever Home. TRANSACTION ADVICE, MARKETING, HOMEOWNERS, HOME SELLERS The Most Critical Period for New Listings Your home’s marketing begins when your Berkshire Hathaway

8 Backyard Features That Boost Your Home’s Value

Activities like running, hiking, and camping attract about 13.6 million Americans each year—but perhaps the easiest way to enjoy the outdoors is just chilling in the backyard. “You’re not going to find a better place than your backyard where you can hang out and relax,” said Ida Schwartz, a top selling agent in Miami Beach, Florida, with