The work orders must be completed prior to closing and the seller is responsible for having them done.

The following conditions may require a work order:

  • Unpermitted space must be permitted w/proper CO(Certificate of Occupancy).
  • Wood rot, expecially for homes built with a Masonite Exterior
  • Broken windows/window seals.
  • Debris in crawl space.
  • Dry rot or deteriorated wood.
  • Earth-wood contact.
  • Overgrown shrubbery.
  • Electrical not in working condition.
  • Gutters and downspouts blocked or missing.
  • A hot water tank without a 3/4″ discharge line.
  • Inadequate foundation ventilation.
  • Inadequate attic ventilation.
  • Less than four feet of waterproof material around tub enclosures (tile, formica, etc.).
  • Less than 18″ clearance between soil and floor joists under entire house.
  • Peeling or missing paint.
  • Plumbing not in working condition.
  • Water damage inside home.
  • Moisture in the crawl space.
  • Touch-up and paint the interior and exterior of the home
  • Hook up to public water or sewer if available.

Other items to remember:

  • Inspectors will need access to the attic.
  • Leased equipment cannot be included in the sale (i.e. hot water tank, alarm system, etc.).
  • All assessments must be paid.
  • Joint maintenance agreements will be required for common road easements for maintenance on home where property line is within 3′ of structure.